david han

Symbiotic Shadow System

with Frank Tsonis

'Symbiotic Shadow System' is an exploration of the relationship between people and technologically mediated systems. In this interactive media installation, the familiar and mundane relationship between the physical body and its shadow is playfully disrupted. This interaction brings the visitorʼs body into dialogue with both the exhibition space as well as pre-recorded shadows of previous visitors.

This process technologically augments the body, striving to enable visitors to control playback through physical gestures. At the same time, visitors endow the system with their own unique corporeality.

However, the system is intentionally imperfect. The inefficiencies that plague the user interface distort the shadows and obstruct the relationship between action and response. The system is in a constant state of flux, desperately trying to adapt to visitor interaction, yet never fully able to faithfully mimic the behaviour of a human user. This complicates the typically intuitive relationship normally found in human-computer interactions, oscillating the site of control between user and system.

'Symbiotic Shadow System' was exhibited as part of Sight & Sound 3: Audio/Visual & New Media Festival at Eastern Bloc Centre for New Media and Interdisciplinary Art in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

'Symbiotic Shadow System'. 2011. Interactive media installation. Video projectors, amplifier, speakers, computer, custom software.