david han

Tread Lightly, Tom, Tread Light(ly)

'Tread Lightly, Tom, Tread Light(ly)' is an interactive video installation that playfully examines the viewer's relationship with an archetypal Hollywood celebrity. In utilizing simple interaction with a video loop, this work attempts to explore some of the questions that surround interactive media. How does the addition of interactivity alter a viewer's relationship with on-screen events? Can interaction compel responsibility? Does interactivity offer control or only the illusion of control?.

'Tread Lightly, Tom, Tread Light(ly)' was exhibited at the Eleanor Winters Art Gallery in Spring 2010.

'Tread Lightly, Tom, Tread Light(ly)'. 2010. Interactive video installation. Treadmill, video projector, amplifier, computer, custom software.